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5808 FM 3455, Navasota, TX 77868

Mon-Fri: 8am – 4pm CST


Leading the Welding Industry with Custom-Engineered Material Solutions

At Devasco, we provide far more than simply the best application-specific welding filler products on the market. We also provide the full spectrum of research, design, quality control and support services that ensure you receive the most effectively engineered welding solutions for the unique requirements of your project.


Research is the backbone of any welding product. At Devasco, we use applied and fundamental research to quickly give you answers. Throughout our history, we’ve developed strategic partnerships with a multitude of reputable third-party institutes to provide us with expanded research capabilities.

Custom Engineering

Known for our ability to solve problems that other manufacturers walk away from, Devasco uses a continual closed-loop process–engineer, manufacture and test–to rapidly solve your most complex challenges. Our superior materials selection allows us to provide innovative and cost-effective, custom-engineered solutions, no matter what the lot size requirements.


Quality is paramount at Devasco. We invest in highly skilled expertise and precision equipment to ensure you receive a perfectly engineered product from the start. More importantly, we thoroughly test every lot to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product without fail.



From small batch quantities to the large volume production runs, Devasco uses sophisticated in-house manufacturing equipment and processes to meet your precise requirements. From coated stick electrodes to application-specific cored welding wire, all of our products are precision manufactured to meet your exact specifications.

Field Support

At Devasco, we want you to know and trust that we stand behind our products. Your problems, concerns and issues are our top priority. We are available to provide telephone-based support, and we stand ready to meet your on-site needs virtually anywhere in the world to ensure maximum product performance.

Inventory Support

To keep your costs down, Devasco provides inventory support and volume planning. Best of all, our just-in-time delivery and logistics capabilities mean you have access to products when you need them.