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5808 FM 3455, Navasota, TX 77868

Mon-Fri: 8am – 4pm CST


DevTek 91 SR+

AWS: A5.29 (E91T1-GC), A5.29 (E91T1-GM)
Process: FCAW
Alloy Type: HSLA, Low Alloy

Low alloy flux cored wire for joining and repair of AISI 4130, 8630, 8630 modified, and Q&T steels that require PWHT. Mechanicals boast high yield and tensile strength after PWHT, with hardness less than 235 Brinell.

Typical Mechanical Properties (Stress Relieved 2hr at 1175°F):

Tensile (ksi)Yield (ksi)%ElCVN (ft/lbs) at -25°FHBW
96822442212 max

Typical Mechanical Properties (Stress Relieved 26hr at 1175°F):

Tensile (ksi)Yield (ksi)%ElCVN (ft/lbs) at -25°F