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DevTek 150 QT

AWS: A5.29 (E150T5-GC)
Process: FCAW
Alloy Type: HSLA, Low Alloy

Ultra high strength, low alloy flux-cored wire for joining and repair of HSLA steels with similar recorded strength levels. Product provides high tensile and yield, with average impact strength greater than 20 ft-lbs at -40F.

Typical Mechanical Properties (Quench and Temper)*

Tensile (ksi)Yield (ksi)%ElCVN (ft/lbs) @ -20°F
Quench and Temper: 2.5hr 1700°F, water quench, 4hr 1000°F, water quench

Typical Mechanical Properties (Stress Relieved 3hr at 1025°F):

Tensile (ksi)Yield (ksi)%ElCVN (ft/lbs) @ -40°F