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5808 FM 3455, Navasota, TX 77868

Mon-Fri: 8am – 4pm CST


DevTek 101 SR+

AWS: A5.29 (E101T1-GM)
Process: FCAW
Alloy Type: HSLA, Low Alloy

Low alloy flux cored wire for joining and repair of AISI 4130, 8630, 8630 modified, and other Q&T steels that require PWHT.
Typically used for oilfield equipment (BOP and subsea components), alloy forging and casting repair, and stamping dies and equipment.

Typical Mechanical Properties (Stress Relieved 12 hr at 1200°F):

Tensile (ksi)Yield (ksi)%ElCVN (ft/lbs) at -20°FHV10
105912040231 max

Typical Mechanical Properties (As Welded):

Tensile (ksi)Yield (ksi)%ElCVN (ft/lbs) at -49°F