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DevShield 80XX-B6L

AWS: A5.5 (E8018-B6L)
Process: SMAW
Alloy Type: Low Alloy

Low alloy stick electrode for welding 5% Cr – 0.5% Mo steels, such as ASTM A200-T5, A335-P5, A387-Gr5, and similar alloys. This alloy is recommended for projects used in elevated temperature service up to 1100°F, where corrosion resistance is crucial, such as high temperature pressure vessels and piping.

Can be available as DevShield 8016-B6L or DevShield 8018-B6L.

AWS Mechanical Requirements (Stress Relieved 1 hr at 1375°F)*

UTS (ksi)Yield (ksi)%El
*Single values are minima